"I came to Jenny about a year ago for relief from long-term “repetitive-motion” problems that affected my arms and shoulders. Jenny questioned me carefully, and efficiently determined how best to treat my condition. She explained exactly how she would proceed. In an atmosphere that was pleasant and secure, I found the treatment very relaxing. After each session, I felt a deep sense of calm and well-being.

Within a few weeks of treatments, I experienced great relief from pain and increased flexibility. I was able to resume my yoga practice and perform daily activities that I had been finding increasingly difficult to do.

Jenny is a wonderful healer. A warm and caring person, she is also well grounded and knowledgeable, not only about acupuncture, but nutrition, Chinese medicine, yoga, and all manner of natural health. And she uses her considerable intuitive skills to explore what is going on in one’s emotional life and helps one better understand the connections between mental and physical states.

Jenny is also a wise teacher. Her advice to me has ranged from suggestions for good readings and activities, to herbal remedies for upset stomach. I am in my mid sixties now and as I continue to face the challenges of aging, I feel very fortunate to have such a guide—one who helps in measurable ways to improve my approach to health in body, mind, and spirit." 

Pat Lombardi
Retired technical writer, poet

"Working with Jenny through acupuncture has helped me to peel back the layers we wear as humans.  Coming to better understand my emotions and how they express themselves physically, I have been able to lessen the frequency with which I experience migraine headaches.  As a practitioner, Jenny Wood has provided me with an avenue of healing that is not only helping me physically but helping me evolve on an emotional level. For anyone who has ever considered acupuncture but hasn't made that leap, I highly recommend taking it and contacting Jenny."

Tiff Harris
Mother and self-employed gardener/landscaper

"I was referred to Jenny by my massage therapist for acupuncture treatment for a chronically painful, inflamed knee.  I had undergone arthroscopic surgery about 18 months prior, to repair cartilage tears and ease the severe osteoarthritis in that knee. Over that time, I had lost a considerable amount of weight, increased my exercise regimen, and received regular massage therapy in the hopes of lessening the knee pain and inflammation. This all helped somewhat but did not give me the relief I hoped for.

After approximately six months of regular acupuncture treatments with Jenny, in conjunction with the aforementioned program,  I found the level of relief I had been seeking.  I still occasionally experience discomfort, but nothing like before acupuncture treatments.  

Also during this time I had begun to experience 'hot flashes.'  Jenny has treated me for these also, using a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I am a registered nurse who works on a daily basis with so-called mainstream medicine, and  I fully believe in the interface of mainstream medical practices and alternative therapies.  I strongly recommend Jenny to anyone exploring the use of acupuncture as part of their wellness program."  

Bibis A. Consalvi

"As a migraine sufferer for 3 years, I tried everything Western medicine had to offer. I had seen 2 neurosurgeons and a migraine specialist, and they found nothing abnormal. No medications worked. My migraines actually got worse; I was having them every 7-10 days for 1-3 days’ duration. Finally, a coworker suggested I see Jenny.

The first time I met Jenny, I knew I found the right match. What impressed me most was that Jenny wanted to learn about all my health – not just the pain that brought me to her. During our initial consultation, she made the connection between my migraines and my lifelong dysmenorrhea [irregular and painful periods]. For the first time, I realized maybe there was an answer to this problem I had had for almost 30 years. The feeling of hope was very powerful. 

To make a long story short, after my second acupuncture treatment, I haven’t had a migraine. Even better, my periods are regular for the first time in my life, without the use of Western pharmaceuticals.

I also recently received diagnoses of Type II diabetes and “fatty liver.” Working with Jenny and my primary care physician, with a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and lifestyle changes, I have successfully lowered my cholesterol, liver panels, and blood sugar to normal within 5 months. 

Now I’m using acupuncture for other things, such as a back problem. Every treatment is part of my ongoing self-care. It’s wonderful that I can come to Harwich Health Center for chiropractic and massage as well as acupuncture. All together, they treat my whole person."

Jennifer Kangas
Massage therapist

"I began seeing Jenny for 5 Element acupuncture in February 2003. For a large part of my life I have struggled with immune deficiencies due to some longterm health problems. The most recent was having Lyme disease twice.

I’ve tried a lot of different treatments. They would help me to a certain point, but I was still getting sick a lot and feeling rundown. Since seeing Jenny, I have not been sick in over a year. The combination of the 5 Element acupuncture and Chinese herbs that she gave me has helped boost my immune system and build up my energy. It has made a huge difference in my life."

Jennifer Stratton
Artist and musician

"I started coming for acupuncture with Jenny after I fell on my sacrum in February 2003. I also had had insomnia for a while and serious headaches for many, many years. Really soon after starting treatment I started sleeping through the night. One of the most important things Jenny has helped me do is pinpoint my issues. Treatment is very relaxing, and the whole process has really helped me become aligned with my heart."

Ruby Anastasio
Mother, doula, apprentice midwife
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